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The work of Maarten Donders is an odyssey of elements that are connected with the strength and fragility of human existence. He is interested in the phenomena around human perception. He has a fascination for objects or attributes that man creates and apparently needs to be able to see, feel, hear or experience. His ideas are often compiled or elaborated details that are related to myths, rituals, and metaphysical subjects.

``Cosmic labyrinth`` ( sculpture left)

A star, a grail and a fruit or seed shape. He says about this sculpture :``With the star I suggest the universe of which man is part of, with the cup or urn, I refer to the holy grail. Man in his quest often keep hold on to, trying to find shelter or salvation in faith. With the sphere I refer to nutrition and thus growth, possibly sowing a seed which can germinate again to the birth of something new.

A cycle without an end.``

``In his recent works, there is a focus on identity and human existence.

Life is a pattern, a labyrinth, where you collect pieces of your identity, in which accidental and deliberate changes and adjustments eventually coalesce into an indelible story. `` To what extent are our actions and thoughts authentic? ``

In our increasingly digital and virtual society authenticity is becoming more desirable and necessary, but it is exceptional and therefore valuable. External impulses determine to a great extent our lives. Our life takes place in an environment where the actions and images are becoming more virtual. In a certain way man creates its own artificial reality, consciously or unconsciously.

In summary, it means that Maarten Donders collects physical evidence, signs of passion, beauty and finitude to express human existence. He wants to express the tangible sound of life, but also moments of ecstasy, which slowly fade down in memory.

Text Gigi de Bruyne



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