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Vanitas Vanitas Maarten Donders Object Maarten Donders Overzicht tentoonstelling Maarten Donders Plans & (star)maps  serie no.4 Exchangeables detail 1  exchangeables Exchangeable virtues serie no.3 Map Maarten Donders So Anyway keramiek Maarten Donders Petite Jeanette sur le toilette Keramiek Maarten Donders Ornements de la mer  no.2 Maarten Dondets Ornements de la mer  seriie no.3 fruit Cosmic labyrinth Hear no evil see no evil Maarten Donders A glimpse of reality 1 A glimpse of reality 2 Sing to me once more fear True beauty is on the inside  1 True beauty is on the inside 2 True beauty is on the inside 3 Who cares about the truth True beauty is on the inside Light object fingerprint Brass-wood Maarten Donders Light object television Brass-wood Maarten Donders  Floating between heaven & earth Mythe searching the sky for bits n pieces Sending & receive Monumental work  city Eindhoven Cosmic map Identity memories_travertijn_op_houten_sokkel lightbox galleriesby v5.9

Maarten Donders

Sculptures & Drawings